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LUCOM Library: LUCOM Library Physical Resources and Study Space

LUCOM Library Physical Resources and Study Spaces

  • We have 11 study rooms for group study. The study rooms have dry erase paint on the walls for notes and diagrams.
  • We have 46 study carrels for individual study. And each of the carrels has a computer monitor for students that want to extend there pc desktop while studying.
  • Please schedule your study room reservations in 25Live, or use the clipboard at the front desk, so we can accurately measure study room use.
  • We have a computer room behind the front desk, with 12 desktop computers, for students to use if they need a PC and don't have their laptop.
  • We have 2 group study rooms with 2 desktop computers in each.
  • We have a black and white printer/copier and a color printer/copier
  • Black and white print jobs are .09 cents per page.
  • Color print jobs are .39 cents per page
  • Each student starts the academic year with $200 dollars in printing credit on their account. Once this amount is used, charges accrue on the student account, and can be settled at the end of each semester.
  • We have copies of all required textbooks as physical volumes, shelved behind the front desk of the library. These can be checked out for 3 hours at a time.
  • We have subscriptions to 23 top medical journals. current issues are shelved near the conference room, and back issues are shelved on the upright shelving near the treadmill desk.
  • We have a large collection of titles on medical topics address from a Christian perspective, and on medical bioethics.